MS Oulook Synchronization

Synchronize your calendar and contact data with Outlook!

The MS Outlook synchronization "teamSync" allows synchronizing calendars and contacts of multiple people and computers through and with teamspace. That means regardless of whether you insert an appointment in teamspace or in Outlook, all connected systems and people will always have the same data and are constantly updated automatically. Different synchronization modes and individual access rights determine what data is synchronized to whom and who is able to see and edit entries.

With the Outlook synchronization tool "teamSync" teamspace facilitates not only sharing calendar and contact information with other people in your teamspace team, it also gives all users the option to synchronize data from all their individual installations like PC at work and at home or Laptop with one another. Therefore you will have all of your important data immediately at your disposal, independent of time, place and work station.

With teamspace’s Outlook synchronization you and your team are always perfectly organized:

  • Automatic synchronization of teamspace and Outlook
  • Same status at the office, home office and in teamspace
  • Share contacts and calendars easily and securely with co-workers, partners or clients
  • No double data input, no need to check all systems separately for changes

teamSyncis a cost-free add-on for teamspace and is included into all teamspace licenses and test teams. To use teamSync please download the tool "setup.exe" and then install it on your local PC. Please consult the "teamSync manual" for guidance on how to install and set up your synchronization best.

Your options for synchronizing Outlook and teamspace:

Synchronizing multiple teams

You can synchronize as many teams as you like using one Outlook folder. This provides you with the opportunity of merging appointments or contacts from multiple teams into just one Outlook folder.

Shared folders

teamSync enables you to have shared folders for contacts and calendars with other co-workers. Shared folders contain all data and all changes are automatically transferred both to the team and all affiliated Outlooks.

Viewing teamspace entries in Outlook

teamspace contact and calendar data are shown in Outlook with an optional mark. The mark can be chosen on an individual basis and is clearly displayed with every entry in Outlook that is connected to teamspace.

Limitation to certain categories

Synchronization between Outlook and teamspace can be limited to single categories. teamspace entries can very easily be assigned to a separate category within Outlook and only this category gets synchronized.

New entries in Outlook

New entries in Outlook that belong to a fitting category can also be transferred to teamspace. Access rights to these entries in teamspace can be assigned on an individual basis.

Changes to Outlook entries

Changes in Outlook can be automatically synchronized with teamspace. Alternatively, data transfer from Outlook to teamspace can be completely switched off and only data from teamspace can then be copied into Outlook.

Deleting entries in Outlook

Entries in Outlook can either only be deleted in Outlook or in both Outlook and teamspace (in the latter case, deletions would occur within the whole team).

New entries in teamspace

When importing entries from teamspace to Outlook, you can choose between importing all entries or simply the ones in which you are participating.


Synchronizations with a team are protected by team-ID, user name and password. Data transfer via an SSL-encrypted connection is optional.

Time intervals and automatic transfer

teamsync works automatically in the background and monitors any data changes within a set period. Alternatively you can revert to a manual synchronization.