Online Service

The free usage of teamspace is provided by a 100% sponsoring of the software producer, the 5 POINT AG. The 5 POINT AG would like to give all students the possibility to learn more about future-orientated and progressive methods and techniques of the modern working environment and at the same time to apply it for their own studies.

teamspace for students is totally free of charge and can be used fro each internet access all over the world.


The usage of teamspace4students is a 100% free version of teamspace for all students!

By creating a team the following conditions are available:

Team user: 100
Disk space: 100 MB
Period: unlimited*
* The 5 POINT AG reserves the right to delete teams or
   parts of teams that were not accessed for more than
   one year, only if they do not include upgrades liable
   to pay costs.

If you want to upgrade your team or if you would like to use also the possibility to send SMS via teamspace,
the following conditions will be applied:

Extension for disk space
Extension Cost per month
1 GB (standard) 15,35 EUR
+ 1 GB 18,23 EUR
+ 2 GB 20,21 EUR
+ 5 GB 22,79 EUR
+ 10 GB 27,25 EUR
+ 20 GB 37,16 EUR
+ 50 GB 64,94 EUR
+ 100 GB 104,60 EUR
+ 200 GB 183,94 EUR
+ 500 GB 412,01 EUR
+ 1 TB 709,51 EUR
Licence fees
Discount level Cost per member
till 100th User for free
101st till 120th User 0,95 EUR
121st till 150th User 0,65 EUR
from 151th User 0,45 EUR

Prices for text messages

Number Cost per Package
100 SMS 15,- EUR
200 SMS 30,- EUR
300 SMS 45,- EUR
400 SMS 60,- EUR
500 SMS 75,- EUR
All above mentioned prices will be charged monthly, VAT included.

The 5 POINT AG also offers additionally to the online service the server and portal solutions of teamspace for a company-wide and commercial usage. These solutions include further advantages like individual adaptations to specific workflows, graphical adjustments, unlimited number of different teams, intranet solutions and so on.

If you are interested in a commercial usage of teamspace, please visit us under