Declaration on data security at 5 POINT AG

As a privately owned and operated German company 5 POINT AG is subject to the German Federal Law on the Protection of Data (BDSG) and to the German Media Services Treaty (MdStV). 5 POINT AG ensures that all necessary measures are taken to secure that these regulations are honoured by 5 POINT AG, its employees and all its partners and contractors.

Personal data

Personal data is all data that could be used to find out a person’s identity. This includes data like name, address or phone number. Information that cannot be used to find out a person’s identity (e.g. favourite websites, number of logins to a website, etc.) is not part of personal data.
If you register as a user with teamspace, you initially only have to provide a valid e-mail address. No other personal data will be asked for by 5 POINT AG. If you are the contract partner, we will ask for additional information that allows us to invoice you properly. It is up to you to provide us with this information.
When you access our servers, data, that might enable identifying you, is stored for backup purposes (e.g. IP address, date, time and visited sites). There is no personified utilization of this data. 5 POINT reserves the right to use the data for anonymous analysis.
IP addresses are stored for up to 30 days to ensure data security and stability of the teamspace system.

Circulation of data

We only use your personal data inside 5 POINT AG. Data is only circulated to third parties when you pay by credit card. We do not pass on your personal data to third parties without your expressed consent. If the fulfilment of our services would make it necessary to pass data on to contractors, these contractors are all bound by contract to the above mentioned BDSG law, other laws and the Privacy Policy of 5 POINT AG. As far as we are bound by law or court order, we will transfer your data to authorities entitled to receive such information.

Right of withdrawal

If you gave personal data to us, you can delete it at any time on your own. Data used for accounting and invoicing purposes is not touched by a deletion of your personal data.